A Message from Mike Clune

In founding Clune Construction, it was my dream to build an environment that fostered and rewarded individual achievement as well as developed individual pride in all aspects of the company's efforts in order to deliver a finished product that continually exceeded our clients' expectations. I felt that if Clune, as a company, could focus its attention on creating a unique "Family" bond with every employee it hired, those same employees would, in turn, play a critical role in creating a positive client relationship based on "Quality and Integrity", at every level in the process, with every project they became involved in.

Reflecting back at our low rate of staff turnover, our year-over-year growth rates, our high percentage of repeat business and the fact that we've been asked to manage the construction of more than 55 million square feet in over 30 states across the nation since our inception, I have to admit, I'm proud of every one of our employees and what we have accomplished together.