When Our Employees Succeed, So Do Our Clients.

Over the years, Clune Construction has held fast in its commitment to ensure that every person who contributes to the success of the company, shares in that success. All Clune employees are offered a benefits package designed to surpass the ordinary, including 100% paid healthcare from day one for spouse and dependents, an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) initiated at day one, immediate vesting in Company 401k plan,
annual salary plus performance bonus, personalized career paths tailored for each employee, flextime earning them Friday afternoons off, two weeks of vacation, plus personal and "wild card" days and a "promote from within" policy. This abbreviated list of company benefits is just an example of our total offering and it explains our ability to attract some of the most talented people in construction. This, in turn, creates an added benefit for every client… the opportunity to work with some of the most talented, experienced and respected professionals in the construction industry.


We make sure our client's needs are taken care of. Our job is to keep our relationship alive at all times… whether it’s simply putting a door in or building out twelve floors, the client deserves our full attention.

Walter Houston
Senior Vice President/General Superintendent

As a Superintendent, I manage time and space. Simply put, it's my job to give all of the subcontractors the right amount of time and space to do their job. That way all phases of the job get installed properly, with less conflicts and ensuring a higher quality product.

Dan Morris
Senior Vice President/General Superintendent

During my twenty years in Clune accounting group, I've witnessed the importance the company places on integrity in regards to all aspects of its relationships with clients and employees. Its results are born-out in every reference letter I've read over the years from satisfied clients.

Susan Saucedo
Senior Vice President