When Up-Time Is Critical.

Today's fast-paced business requirements demand ultra-sensitive environments that house computer networking, data processing, data storage and telecommunications equipment. These Data Centers require specialized environmental and infrastructure planning and construction methods to assure proper operation and up-time sustainability at completion. Recognizing the unique requirements of these Mission Critical facilities, Clune Mission Critical developed a method of planning, building, testing and commissioning these spaces that recognizes the technological and environmental nuances as well as the unique work environment and scheduling demands involved. Clune Mission Critical, a division of Clune Construction Company, has searched for and attracted individuals whose specialized expertise is focused on providing clients with the best solution in this unique and demanding construction niche.

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Dave Hall

After studying Electrical Engineering at Western Michigan University and receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Building Construction Management from Purdue University, Dave worked as an electrical estimator and project manager for a large commercial electrical subcontractor. Dave joined the Clune Family as a Project Manager in 1996. His unique mix of talents and initiative helped him rise through the ranks at Clune Construction and ultimately qualified him as the ideal candidate to manage the creation of Clune Mission Critical, the datacenter and critical infrastructure division of the company. As a Partner of the firm and founder of the division, Dave oversees preconstruction functions (estimating, scheduling and site selection) for select clients and manages operations of Clune Mission Critical.