A View Of What Is And What Will Be.

At Clune Construction, we not only think about the future of construction, we invest in it. We were the first company to assemble and pioneer an in-house Virtual Construction group dedicated to applying BIM (Building Information Modeling), utilizing the same 3-D design tools developed for architects and engineering firms. This virtual view of "what will be" generated by pinpoint accurate 3-D laser scanning technology, allows for the simulation of all phases of new construction, tenant fit outs, planning, development and implementation. The early virtual view enables the company to streamline all aspects of the process by allowing for early detection of conflicts in MEP systems during the planning stage where capturing such conditions is critical. This is the very reason Clune Construction has invested so heavily in order to internalize this unique virtual planning tool and now utilizes it extensively in its building infrastructure and Mission Critical projects as well as giving its clients the opportunity to virtually tour their space before the process begins.

But the Virtual Construction process doesn't stop there. It's also a powerful tool used to assist our subcontractors in prefabricating many materials offsite thereby maximizing site-safety while minimizing workers on-site and virtually eliminating overstocking. All of which adds up to savings when it comes to overall construction costs.

Aaron Krawchuk

Aaron has devoted his life to construction, starting out early in his father's construction business. In 2001 he enrolled at the University of Illinois where he received a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering. After putting his degree to work in the electronics industry, his passion for the construction business got the better of him and he accepted a position as a Superintendent for a local interior contractor. In 2006, he joined the family at Clune Construction where his talents and passion began to work in concert. Realizing Aaron's potential, the company decided to put his technical and construction experience to work developing our Virtual Construction department, where he now oversees all aspects of the Department.